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Memory Expert Separates Fact from Fiction about Preserving Brain Health

Exercise13Myths about brain health are as rampant as they are for any feared disease. Neuropsychologist Dr. Michelle Braun is a memory expert who actively fights against these myths. In the process, she helps people learn how to reduce their risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Braun has worked for 10 years as a clinical neuropsychologist in departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry in hospitals and academia. In 2008, she received the Practitioner of the Year Award from the Alzheimer’s Association in southeastern Wisconsin.   #ENDALZ  #ABAM @healthcentral

Read full article on HealthCentral about how a memory expert views the preservation of brain health:

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I'm glad that you enjoyed the article, Kendra. I agree that people need to hear this information repeatedly.Thanks for your comment.

Great read - and what really caught my attention was when Dr Braun explained that cardio exercise actually helps slow the progression of Alzheimer's! I've been a strong advocate for senior fitness and this is the kind of information seniors need in front of them more often.

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