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Medications Should be Carefully Controlled as Alzheimer's Advances

Medications6While Alzheimer's specific drugs may help slow symptoms for some people, they also may increase the risk of hip fractures, fainting, urinary problems and other health issues. Most researchers now think that a time comes when many medications for the elderly are no longer beneficial and may be harmful. According to an article in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester looked at 5,406 nursing home residents who had late-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia with more than half of them being older than 85. The scientists found that 2,911 of the patients - nearly 54 percent - were taking at least one medication of questionable benefit.

Read full article on HealthCentral about how medications can become negative as people age:

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You made many good points, Polly. Medications can help some people but they need to be monitored because there may be a time when they hurt rather than help. You're right about the expense, too, of course, as well as the need for more than one caregiver. It's too hard for one person to be a sole caregiver for years on end. Thanks for your comment.

Aricept and namenda are so overused. Even though they both have generics they are still overpriced and after 6 months don't have any lasting effects.
In face Namenda is used more for migraines.
Earlier diagnosis. Pretesting for generational disease that is affordable. No one needs to be on so much meds that they are numb.

A lot depends on having more than one caretaker. If the caretaker has no outlet and doesn't get relief you will find a more drugged patient.
I could go on with what I have seen

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