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Memory Box Valuable Tool for People with Alzheimer's

MemoryboxPeople with Alzheimer’s lose their short-term memory, progressively fading deeper and deeper into their cognitive past. While I’ve often written about the value of bringing old photos and other memorabilia along for visits to elderly loved ones, I don’t believe I’ve ever before suggested anything as self-contained as a memory box. Home Instead Senior Care, one of many excellent in-home care franchises, uses this idea as one of their tools to help elders enjoy memories of their past, or in the case of those with Alzheimer’s, help them have a more concrete connection to what at they may view as their current reality.

Read full article on HealthCentral about how a memory box can help people living with dementia:

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Hi Amy,
I do think that this is a fabulous idea! We can create boxes (or bags or whatever we use) that are unique to our loved ones. This can make a big difference between listless days and some stimulation and even conversation.
Thanks again. It's great to read your views!

Hey Carol!
I agree with you. Playing an old, familiar song to an Alzheimer's patient really helps with recalling old memories. Familiar scents, TV shows, or even feel of a fabric are really effective in recalling an old event. Thanks for sharing.

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