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CaregiverComfortEvery person who becomes a caregiver will have unique personality traits, yet we nearly always share certain feelings and experiences as we travel a road similar to one another. That’s one reason that caregivers often turn to other caregivers for support. It’s a version of the adage that we need to walk in another’s shoes in order to truly understand what they feel.

One of those shared experiences is a certain amount of stress. Some personalities cope with the ever-changing, nearly always challenging, business of caring for another adult with health issues better than others. A positive attitude and a flexible approach can go a long way as we feel our way along the sometimes uncertain path a caregiver must follow. But even the most laid back person is going to feel stressed by the responsibilities of caregiving from time to time. That’s normal and to be expected. With some care, people generally bounce back. What caregivers need to watch for is burnout.

Read full article on HealthCentral about when caregiver stress can turn into burnout:

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Exactly - and no matter how well-intentioned the caregiver is, they are human and will have a breaking point. We can hope that, for most people, adjustments can be made before the breaking point occurs.
Thanks so much for your input.

Caregiving can be overwhelming if you juggle between two things at once. People started this profession as a means of soul searching or helping seniors because they couldn't take care of their parents. However, stress and burnout depend on the hours you put in and the kind of person you are dealing with. Thanks for sharing.

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