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National Caregiver's Month: Accepting the Label of Caregiver Can be a Process

MindingOurElderswebsite50%Over the past several decades, I’ve been a care provider for many people. Most of my care receivers were elderly, including one neighbor, an aunt, an uncle, two in-laws and two parents. Each one needed varying amounts of care across different settings. Through it all, though, I’ve had a hard time accepting the label of caregiver. My experiences growing up in a multi-generational household may be one reason why I struggled with this concept. 

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Thanks for your comment, Lizeth! You are obviously a creative caregiver which helps everyone along on their journey. I appreciate your contribution to my readers.

Hi Carol!
Thanks for sharing your experience as a caregiver, it’s really inspiring. Caregiving in undoubtedly a tough job, but also very rewarding. I have also been a caregiver to two people, my mother and my neighbor’s mom. my neighbor’s mom is physically very weak so I help her with daily chores and grocery shopping and other jobs. My mother has dementia and this part of caregiving is very challenging for me. Every day comes up with something new and advanced. I discussed this with my friend, so she helps me a lot with it. Whenever I have to go somewhere or to see the neighbor, my friend is always there to help my mom. I, in fact, hired respite care once and it was a great experience for me and my mom and I learned a lot of new things about dementia care.

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