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Questions to Ask an In-Home Care Agency

InhomeCaregiverChoosing an individual or a company to come into our home, or that of a vulnerable loved one, to provide assistance with anything from cleaning to personal services is never easy. We are giving an unknown person access to not only our property but to the safety of our loved one who may need care while we are not able to supervise. Choosing the right person or company should be done methodically, and education can help you ask the right questions.

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Yes, it's a boon to many! People need to hire carefully, just as they need to select assisted living and other options carefully. Many people benefit from in-home care for a time before they need nursing home care. For others, in-home care is sufficient to keep them in their homes their entire lives.

With in-home care, you're able to remain as independent as you can be. Independence is a psychological boon, especially when the effects of aging are taking place.

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