Tips to Reduce Loneliness in Elders around the Holidays
Short-term Home Stay May Produce Difficult Transition

Holiday Gift Ideas for Older Adults and People Living With Dementia

1MagnaReady1CreditMagnaReadyAs people age, they can become hard to buy gifts for, often because they are in the process of weeding through their belongings and need so little. Also, many have issues with their health ranging from arthritic pain to cognitive disorders which influence what they can use. Still, we want to include them in holiday giving. What to do? Here are some practical, but still enjoyable, ideas. Links will provide more information and pricing.

View full slideshow on HealthCentral featuring gifts for seniors and people living with dementia, as well as people who simply have chronic pain issues.

Purchase Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories – paperback or ebook

An amazing book of stories that will touch your heart and encourage you, especially if you are a caregiver. Carol  Bradley Bursack also has an excellent website devoted to the elderly and their caregivers. - Carol Heilman    *Great Christmas gift!


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