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Short-term Home Stay May Produce Difficult Transition

WomanBedDear Carol: My mother has been in rehab since she broke her hip but now she needs to be moved. The professionals, including her doctor, strongly encourage moving her to a nursing home close to me because Mom will continue to need extensive care and her condition is expected to decline. When Mom and I discuss this, she seems sad about the idea and says she wants to go to her own home even though it’s not elder friendly. I’m wondering if we should take her to her own home and get around-the-clock care for a while just to make her happy and say that we gave it a try. At least then she’d have been home between facility stays. I know that too many moves can be confusing for an older person who is fragile, but I want to make Mom as happy as she can be. I can’t think straight right now. What do you advise? – ME 

Read full column on Inforum about the pros and cons of an in-between stay at home:

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