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Could Infection and Inflammation Be At the Root of Alzheimer's?

Do You Need a Specialist for a Dementia Diagnosis?

DoctorPatient6For many adult children and spouses, it’s difficult to convince a parent or mate to stay current with the medical appointments needed for checkups and medication renewals. If specialists are required, that generally means more waiting, more testing, and more visits. All of these appointments are time-consuming and frequently frustrating, which all too often leads to delaying the appointments themselves. Then we have issues involving the brain. The stigma of any health problem connected to the brain may have improved over the years, but it has yet to disappear. The attitude that there is something particularly bad about diseases that affect the way a person thinks is particularly evident in the older population, yet the older population is where most dementia is found. For this reason, caregivers are often advised to take the loved one who may be having some potential cognitive issues to his or her primary physician as a first step.

Read the full article on HealthCentral about why it's generally best to have a specialist diagnose Alzheimer's:

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