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Gradually Introducing In-home Caregiving May Help Reluctant Elder Adjust

OlderCoupleCreditsiarhei-plashchynski-560887-unsplashDear Carol: Mom had a stroke two years ago and Dad provides her care. She's had health issues for over 10 years so he's actually been a caregiver for a long time. Now, Mom's developed vascular dementia. I don’t think she's ready for a nursing home, but I do feel that Dad is risking his health by doing too much. They need help. The problem is that Mom doesn't want "outsiders" in her home, and Dad does what Mom wants. I help when I can but have a job and family. How do I convince them to accept assistance from an in-home care agency? – GB

Read the full column on Inforum about how to introduce your older adults to in-home care:

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