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How To Plan a Picnic for Your Loved One Living In a Care Facility

Picnicbonnie-kittle-98586-unsplashResidents and their families would gather on the patio, or find chairs under the trees out on the lawn. The able-bodied served those with more limited abilities. For years, the grill chef was the husband of one resident. He was aided by other spouses, children and grandchildren of residents, as well as staff. Every resident willing and able to enjoy this outdoor festivity was escorted to a pleasant location and looked after. The smell of grilling meat, mixed with the perfume of flowers and freshly mown grass, brought back memories of easier times for many elders and their families.

Photo credit Bonnie Kittle: Unsplash

Read the full article on Agingcare about various ways to have a picnic with your loved ones living in care facilities:

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