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The Candid Caregiver Unmasked: New Column by Familiar Writer Carol Bradley Bursack

TCCpromoTo my social media friends: Many of you have read articles on social media that I've written for HealthCentral.com. My relationship with HealthCentral goes back a dozen years. During that time, most of the articles that I've written for the website were Alzheimer's or dementia-related, but the majority of them still focused on caregiving in some way. Now, HealthCentral is in doing the soft launch of a new column called The Candid Caregiver (TCC). The caregiver behind The Candid Caregiver is, well, me. I'm still "Minding Our Elders," and always will be. The Candid Caregiver is an expansion for HealthCentral that dedicates a full segment of their broad healthcare website to caregivers, and an enlargement of my role for them. I hope that you'll help us pass on the word about #TheCandidCaregiver.

HealthCentral says:

"The Candid Caregiver (TCC) is a safe place for all caregivers, of any condition area or caregiving level, to go for candid yet professional guidance. Questions will be answered, tough topics will be discussed, and the caregivers will ultimately have a place where they, themselves, feel cared for. No topics are off the table. Ask your questions and share your stories on social media using the hashtag #TheCandidCaregiver."

What this means for you, my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest friends, is that if you have any kind of caregiving question, you can use #TheCandidCaregiver on any social media platform to ask that question. The hashtag will direct your question my way. I will be checking regularly and then, as The Candid Caregiver, I will be answering those questions - or as many as I can.

By this fall, when HealthCentral does the hard launch of The Candid Caregiver, they should have a direct method of asking questions on the site, as well. The future holds many things including a TCC newsletter, as well as a dedicated Facebook page.

Let's have some fun with the new column!

As always, take care of yourselves,


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