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There is Significant Quality of Life After a Dementia Diagnosis

DADCredotdaisy-obryan-432320-unsplashMost Alzheimer's organizations have found that, in general, people are more afraid of a dementia diagnosis than finding out that they have cancer. One reason for this fear is the stigma that accompanies dementia. While sympathetic to those who have Alzheimer's and other dementias, people who haven't been close to anyone with the disease often think that any type of satisfying life is out of reach after such a diagnosis.

Read the full article on HealthCentral about how a diagnosis doesn't immediately make you different:

MedicareFAQ – Medicare Resource Center

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Wonderful, Linda! A positive attitude can get us a long way. You are no doubt a big part of why your husband is doing so well.

My husband has continued his hobby. Making pendants from natural stones and silver. What he has put to routine and memory he can still accomplish. He is high IQ pulling from other parts of brain. He has had FTD for alot of years. Take out trash, pick up the mail. Walk to store( close by) and ride the bus to town are the things he is still doing! He doesn't dwell on what he can't do. Very positive attitude.

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