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Homesam-beasley-327822-unsplashDear Carol: My mom is currently in a short-term swing-bed facility and will soon be moving to a nursing home. Dad is in assisted living where we already moved some favorite furnishings from home. Their house must be sold, so my brother and I are going through what's left. We’re stumped by jewelry and assorted items from their lives together. There are a lot of old pictures as well as Dad’s military medals which he says he doesn't care about. We’re not sure what to do with these things because they are items that have sentimental value. Mom had a stroke that has taken most of her memory and Dad says he doesn’t care what we do with the "stuff." My brother and I are both saddened by how their lives have played out and it seems somehow that discarding these items is discarding them,  so we're struggling. What do we do with all these keepsakes Mom and Dad don't want or can't use? – LD

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Thank you both for your comments. I apologize for not getting these up in a timely manner. For some reason I didn't receive alerts on them

I like the idea of first photographing the mementos.

Then: How about checking with your local Veterans hospital if either of you live near one. Ours has lovely displays. I'm sure that they can't take them all but they would have suggestions.

Other ideas would be the VFW - if appropriate - and/or the American Legion. As with the VA, even if they can't take them they likely can guide you.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Contact military museum in New Orleans to donate military items I have done this years ago

Our Father past away 3 years ago at 90 and our Mother has dementia. Our problem is that Dad was a very important, high ranking Judiciary. His life was exemplary both as a Judge in his service to the State and our community. Therefore we haves boxes and boxes of plaques, awards and memorabilia as well as volumes of papers, files and writings. When we moved Mom to a condo we had to dismantle his library etc so much is in a climate controlled storage. It’s the heavy plaques and awards we don’t know what to do with because they are so cumbersome. I have thought about photographing those items for posterity but do you have any other recommendations? (I am sure people with tons of athletic trophies have similar issues).

Same with my dad, he had all these medals and badges that he had earned in his lifetime.
I found them very sadimental and still keep them after the family home was sold.
What do I do now that very soon it will be my time to go?

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