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Hospice Care about Re-Focusing Priorities, Not Giving Up

DyingCreditaaron-mello-142044-unsplashOur culture is steeped in language that makes accepting the terminal diagnosis of ourselves or a loved one more difficult to accept than it needs to be. Doctors say, “I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we can do. You might want to look into hospice care.” Patients tell their doctors that they want “aggressive treatment,” until there is nothing else that can be done, then they will go on hospice care. The crux of these conversations is that medicine will do everything possible and then when you give up you will go on hospice care. That is a mistake.

Read the full article on HealthCentral about how hospice care is an active decision:

 MedicareFAQ – Medicare Resource Center

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Thank you for your comment, Danielle. You're right that hospice is misunderstood by so many people. We need to continue to educate.

You are absolutely correct. Hospice has so many myths and misconceptions. Most people assume you "go to hospice to die". But, that is so far from the truth. 10-20% of patients graduate from hospice due to all of the increased services he or she recieves

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