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A Family Caregiver Offers Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home

NursingHomeiS-8_Tips_for_Choosing_a_Nursing_Home__A_Family___s_View-iStock-537602248As a family caregiver of multiple elders, I needed a facility where more than one of my elders could live while I cared for others in various locations. My family was fortunate to find an excellent nursing home just a few blocks from my home. During the 15 years that my loved ones (different people at different times) lived in this facility, I learned a great deal about what makes a good nursing home tick. I interviewed a licensed nursing home administrator for her tips on selecting a nursing home not long ago, but as a family member, I’d like to add a few more ideas.

Read tips on HealthCentral for selecting a nursing home for your loved one:


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