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Daughter's 24/7 Elder Care Needs Adjustment, Not Guilt


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Dear Carol: My dad, 84, can shower, dress, and eat. He’s continent and takes no medications, he can read, his hearing is OK, he’s non-combative. What he can’t do is stay safe. My presence is needed 24/7 because he is living in an altered state of reality. I read about caregiver burnout, but these people seem to do so much more than I do that I feel guilty complaining. Even so, I know that I need help. When I sleep, my back burner is always on waiting for him to wake me because of an imaginary intruder or because he forgot something.  I'm always worried that he could be wandering through the house and I wouldn’t know it. Should I hire someone to be in the house overnight so my sleep can be solid?? Am I being too much of a pansy? I feel the comfort of knowing someone else is available while I sleep may help me endure this marathon. – HB

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