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If We Don't Laugh We'll Cry: How Humor Enters Into Caregiving


HumoriS-Caregiving_Humor__If_We_Don_t_Laugh_We_ll_Cry-iStock-184997466Dear Candid Caregiver: My mother is in a lovely assisted living facility and I have to say that she’s having a ball. While she’s always had a tendency to play “the Grand Lady,” this arrangement seems to have given her even more of a feeling of entitlement. There’s another woman with a similar personality and they seem to have a turf war going on, even to the point of “recruiting” people for their tables. I’m thrilled that Mom has competition – it’s about time – and I find the whole scenario funny. I don’t see a problem with laughing at some of these situations, but I have a friend who is deadly serious about every aspect of aging and she thinks that I should be taking this seriously...

Read the full article on HealthCentral about how gentle humor among caregivers can help lower the stress level:


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