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Dementia Stigma: How to Respond to Thoughtless Comments and Maintain Your Loved One's Dignity

FatherDaughteriStock-480061624Dear Candid Caregiver: My dad has Alzheimer’s. Caring for him is difficult, but since I have support and also have made an effort to get educated about the process, I’m doing well enough. I also try to educate others when the opportunity presents itself because we’ve experienced the stigma that goes along with this disease and I want to help eliminate that. What has me in a twist at the moment, though, is how cruel some people can be.

Read the full article on HealthCentral about how the stigma of dementia hurts those who are trying to live positively:

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A new comment from “Sarah Ashton” was received on the post “Dementia Stigma: How to Respond to Thoughtless Comments and Maintain Your Loved One's Dignity” of the blog “Minding Our Elders®”.

Carol, I have absolutely no time for the ignorance of others and sometimes you have to put people in their place. For me, THIS would have been one of those occasions
Commenter name: Sarah Ashton

Hi Sarah,
She certainly deserved to be put in her place but the woman felt that it was better for her dad to get him out of there, and I respect that, too. Fortunately, most people aren't cruel, even if they are ignorant, so this shouldn't happen often.

Thank you for checking in! It's always great to hear from you.

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