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Geriatrician Offers Free Webinar To Help You Help Your Parents

LeslieKernisanMD_MPH_CreditLeslieKernisan _ CroppedWho wouldn't like advice from a savvy geriatrician when it comes to how best to help their older parents? I know that I would have when my parents were alive, and I still value every bit of information that I can get now. That's why I'm a major fan of Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH.

Dr. Kernisan offers medically sound, caregiver friendly advice for people who are now - or may in the future be -  caregivers for their parents.

What stands out about Dr. K is not only her compassion for the elder but her common sense when it comes to advising family caregivers about what they can realistically accomplish. Her website, Better Health While Aging, is a valuable resource for older adults as well as caregivers, and HOP is an offshoot of that. The BHWA website is packed with links to some of the best articles that I've read on nearly every subject that concerns caregivers as well as older adults.

The message below is taken from the beginning of the signup sheet for the webinar. If you are interested, please sign up when you get a chance. Here's the link to the form

 You can either click on the link or copy it and paste it into your browser. https://betterhealthwhileaging.mykajabi.com/hop-aging-parents-webinar-signup

Have you been worried about your aging parents' health or safety, but found yourself frustrated because they refuse to consider the changes that seem necessary? It's a common situation that arises. You want to respect your older parents' dignity and independence, but you've noticed signs and issues that worry you. Maybe it's that your older mom seems to be having trouble managing on her own the way she used to. Or maybe it's that your dad has gotten forgetful, but refuses to take sensible steps such as seeing the doctor, accepting help, and cutting back on driving. You're pretty sure that things need to change. All you want is for them to be safer, healthier, and happier. You know they need to accept certain changes. But how, when they won't listen?

This webinar will help and it really is free. Here, again is the link: https://betterhealthwhileaging.mykajabi.com/hop-aging-parents-webinar-signup

See you there!


Full disclosure: I moderate a forum for Dr. K. called the Helping Older Parents Community (HOP). I hope, however, that readers know from my past record that I wouldn't be endorsing this information if I didn't genuinely feel that it would offer a chance for you to get advice from the best. 


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