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Transition to assisted living should begin with added family support


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Dear Carol:  My mom has moderate dementia and she seems to like the idea of living in a care community. We’ve done all of the preliminary work, but the social worker at the assisted living facility recently told me that they wouldn’t want me to visit Mom for the first two weeks. Their reasoning is that Mom would adjust better if she has no alternative but to depend on them for help. I’m uncomfortable with this idea because I feel that Mom will need my help settling in. I think that I’d feel abandoned if someone just left me like that. Is not letting the family visit something new? I’ve got friends who help their parents settle in after moving their parent to a care facility and they visit from the first. What’s going on? – LH

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I agree with you, Patricia!

Bull!!!! No one is going to tell me if and when I can visit my loved one. When my Mom was in nursing home with Alzheimer's we could go at 3AM if we wanted to. I liked to go at "off times" just to keep them on their toes.

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