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It’s not the parent care that I resent, but the fact that I have three siblings and they won’t even recognize what I do, let alone really try to help, is endlessly grating on me. Read more →

I told her what has formed, over a period of time, my personal rule on this very common problem. Read more →

Neither cognitive issues nor physical decline can take away their legacies as adults. We may have to provide care the many would consider demeaning, but when this care is given out of love, it is never undignified. Read more →

Dear Carol: My mother, 93, is mentally sharp and lives in her own retirement apartment. As would be expected, she has some physical problems including arthritis severe enough that she needed a hip replacement in her 70s. She uses a walker but her balance is iffy even with that. Read more →

I clearly remember him lying back in his recliner as I sat on the couch asking him questions about his unusual childhood. He told me interesting stories about events that I'd had no idea were a part of his history. Read more →

...As with all celebrations at the time, we were pretty much going through the motions. We were not going to stop celebrating this day for fathers just because Dad didn't really understand the significance of it anymore. Mom would ask me to order yellow roses for his room. Read more →

Who wouldn't like advice from a savvy geriatrician when it comes to how best to help their older parents? I know that I would have when my parents were alive, and I still value every bit of information that I can get now. Read more →

..."Although you may tell me nice things, your words are hard to believe when your body and voice indicate that you are annoyed, angry, or resentful." Read more →