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Dear Frazzled: Burnout is a pervasive problem for family caregivers, especially those who have no time to get away from the ongoing emotional and physical demands of caring for an ailing family member. Read more →

Make your facial expression pleasant when appropriate. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, the physical act may boost your own mood. Read more →

As you watch your parents or other beloved elders age, sometimes worry becomes inevitable. Should they have housing upgrades? Can they continue to live independently? Read more →

Dear Carol: During this past year my once healthy parents have together experienced one heart attack, one minor stroke, and one diabetes diagnosis. My in-laws are still healthy but also old enough to start having health problems. We all live in the same town, but since my husband travels, Read more →

Celebrities such as musician Glen Campbell and basketball coach Pat Summitt have gone public with their Alzheimer's diagnoses, making it somewhat easier for others to have the courage to come forward. Read more →

Many adult children would love to have their parents take advantage of new technology that can track their health, or allow a caregiver to monitor them during the day whether they are aging in place or in a care facility. Read more →

As people age, they are likely to find that balance issues, arthritis, neurological diseases, and other health problems become a threat to their quality of life. People facing these problems Read more →

It’s difficult to watch our parents age. As their hair grays, wrinkles form and age spots multiply, we adult children can find ourselves feeling protective. We want to keep them healthy. Read more →

Talking with our elderly loved ones about how and where they would choose to live their remaining years can be more than awkward. It can be frightening. Read more →