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Mom Fires Caregiver Who She Thinks Is Stealing


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Dear Carol: My mother’s healthy but at 93 she needs someone to stop in daily to arrange her medications, give her a bath, and do other routine tasks. I live 200 miles away and try to visit weekly. We’ve hired three care agencies but my mother's fired them all. Finally, we contacted a woman who is a bit older and she and Mom hit it off. I thought that we were on the road to a quieter time but yesterday Mom called me and told me that the woman stole her watch so she fired her. The caregiver contacted me and we discussed the problem. Since Mom hasn’t worn a watch for decades I wasn’t concerned that stealing was the issue. We decided that the caregiver should just go to Mom the next day and see what happened. Mom acted happy to see her and seemed unaware that she’d fired this woman. The caregiver understands, but I’m afraid that she won’t come back if Mom fires her again. What can I do to make this arrangement work? – PR

Read the full column on Inforum to learn more about the mother who thinks her caregiver is stealing:

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