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... Mom acted happy to see her and seemed unaware that she’d fired this woman. The caregiver understands, but I’m afraid that she won’t come back if Mom fires her again. What can I do to make this arrangement work? Read more →

Therese: You’ve written on how to avoid burnout as a caregiver. What would you say are the most practical steps to take to stay committed and positive as a caregiver? Read more →

This list is only a start, but avoiding or rewording these questions and statements may improve your caregiving partnership. Read more →

Dear Dog Lover: The thought of your grandma having to give up her dog at this time brings tears to my eyes. This is her companion, her child, her barrier against loneliness. Read more →

Mom is, for the most part, a good caregiver, but she’s resentful about what happened, and why wouldn’t she be? She has a right to these feelings except that her resentment shows through to Dad through her body language as well the tone of her voice, and from my observation, this increases Dad’s anxiety. Read more →