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How Do You Tell Someone With Dementia When a Loved One Has Died?

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...My friend can be forgiven for dragging her feet. Her mother has been told often that the brother was ill. It was new information to the mother each time. There was no reason for the daughter to think that the telling of her uncle's death was not going to shock her mother all over again. She seriously thought of not mentioning it. It's not as if a visit was expected. She asked me what I thought.

Read the full article on HealthCentral to learn more about how (or if) to tell someone that their spouse or other loved one has died:

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Thank you, Rosemary, for your insight and good wishes. It's hard for everyone. You have obviously been there. Blessings.

You highlight a difficult problem. One of the many hard things in caregiving. It's hard too for the caregiver to go over and over it, because usually, the caregiver has lost the loved one too, as with the family you describe. Sometimes it's good to cry together, but perhaps not every morning. That makes it even harder to deal with.

Keep on writing. Best wishes Rosemary

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