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Increasing Paranoia In Older Adult Needs Investigating


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Dear Carol: My 71-year-old mother is slender, a non-smoker, socially active, and gets a decent amount of exercise. She takes three medications that I know of. While she has an occasional “gap out” with a word here and there, that seems like normal aging. What troubles me is that she’s increasingly paranoid about other people doing things to her. When she forgets where she put something, she’s sure someone moved it or took it. If she has a car problem, she insists that someone sabotaged it. I try to ease her mind by joking about her suspicions but she won’t budge. She insists that someone “did” something. I don’t see other signs of dementia. What could it be? – GC

Read the full article on Inforum to learn more about the possible reasons behind paranoia:

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