Remembering That You're Not Alone: Caregivers Share Their Experiences and Insights
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A Fresh Perspective Can Help Us Be Better Caregivers

MomDaughteriStock-870060028Caregiving is a strange beast: while every day can be different because the person for whom we are caring may have different needs or even an emergency, every day is the same in that our lives seem to focus on our loved one and we often let our own wants and needs slide. We can feel stressed from constant changes yet numbed by the sameness of needing to focus on the care of a vulnerable loved one. Often, we don’t even notice that we’ve slipped into a routine of combined stress and numbness until a friend or family member takes a moment to ask what is new in our lives. 

Read the full article on HealthCentral to learn more about how we can gain some traction as caregivers when we try to refresh our perspective:

Carol is the Candid Caregiver

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