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Moving Mom with Cognitive Decline May Take Creative Thinking


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Dear Carol: My 84-year-old mother has been living in her own condominium but her problems with dementia are making this a scary situation. She forgets that she’s cooking and leaves the stove on and has left the water running for hours. She forgets what day it is and how to do basic self-care. Mom has physical problems, too, including damaged lungs and mobility and pain problems from post-polio syndrome. I talked her into in-home care twice in the past but when the caregivers came, she refused to let them in. I understand because I doubt that I’d like strangers coming in either, but something needs to be done for her safety. I try to talk with her and ask her what she wants but she ignores me when I do. I think that we need to move her to assisted living, but I don’t know how to physically get her there. – LE

Read the full column on Inforum to learn more about how to move a person who is ill and has cognitive disorders to a safer environment:

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