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...They tell me that they’ve earned the right to relax. How can I motivate them? I know that nagging and scolding aren’t the best approaches, their attitude annoys me. Should I just ignore them and pretend that their laziness doesn’t bother Me? – KO Read more →

When I think of the people I admire for going forward with a positive outlook on their journey with Alzheimer’s, there are three who come most quickly to mind. Read more →

Neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal disorders, and Lewy body dementia result in a progressive and irreversible loss of neurons and brain function. Read more →

Here’s what you do. Draft a careful group email to send to them laying out what caring for your parents entails for you. List medical visits as well as any emergency calls that you’ve tended to. Read more →

We were both helping Grandma get dressed after a sponge bath when she looked at Mom and called her by name. She asked how my dad — using his name — was. Then she looked at me... Read more →

Frankly, it’s depressing, because these articles seem to be telling me that I’m failing in some way if I can’t do what they suggest. Yes, you’ve written them, too. Thanks for letting me blow off steam Read more →

The neighborhood had changed during the half-century Joe had lived there. The people he'd known had moved on or died. He wouldn't allow in-home health workers into his home, nor would he accept food from Meals On Wheels. When it came to care, it was me or no one. Read more →

If you and your parents have frequent, casual conversations about options as they age, you’ll have an easier time with the transition than if you leave the topic until there’s a crisis. Read more →