Scolding Parents Into Self-Care is Faulty Strategy
Avoid These 9 Things When Caring for Someone Living With Alzheimer's

Scolding parents into better self-care is faulty strategy


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Dear Carol: My parents who are in their mid-seventies are fortunate to be reasonably healthy for their age. I’m happy to see them this way, of course, but their health is pure luck. They don’t eat right and they get virtually no exercise. I nag them to change their lifestyle so they stay healthy, but they tell me they’ve earned the right to relax. They think that my emphasis for myself on diet and regular running is excessive, anyway. How can I motivate them? I know that nagging and scolding aren’t good, but their attitude infuriates me. Should I just ignore them and pretend that their laziness doesn’t bother Me? – KO

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