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Moments of Clarity: Why Glimpses Through Dementia's Fog Can Surprise Us

FatherDaughteriStock-463308119Dear Candid Caregiver: My grandma has had mixed dementia, probably a combination of Alzheimer’s and vascular, for many years. She’s generally sweet and compliant, just wanting to stay comfortable in a world that she seems to have created for herself. The whole family tries to encourage her to tell stories, which she will sometimes do if she’s feeling up to it, but mostly she listens to the old-time music that we play for her or she naps. Grandma hasn’t recognized anyone in the family for a couple of years, but last week my mom and I had a shock. We were both helping Grandma get dressed after a sponge bath when she looked at Mom and called her by name.

Continue reading on HealthCentral to learn more about the confusion we can feel when our loved one who has has moments of clarity:

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