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...They often come with their advice about how you could handle your time better, do more for Mom and better manage Dad’s medications. They’ll dole out their veiled (or not so veiled) criticism of how you are managing your parents’ finances, maintaining the house, handling activities of daily living and more. Read more →

Dear Frazzled: Burnout is a pervasive problem for family caregivers, especially those who have no time to get away from the ongoing emotional and physical demands of caring for an ailing family member. Read more →

...None of these factors stop families from celebrating, though, and they shouldn’t. It’s just that we tend to carry memories of holidays past close to our hearts. We place a lot of pressure on ourselves to meet or exceed these high expectations, especially for the enjoyment of our youngsters and elders. Read more →

Dear PN: You are smart to consider these questions now since there’s time to create a plan with your parents’ input. Most people are limited caregivers long before they even consider this question and this is true in your case. Read more →

Dad's dementia taught me what it was to both grieve immediately the loss of the man as he was before surgery, yet feel gratitude for having him alive. Read more →

...Getting a family member or friend to see a doctor for a possible dementia diagnosis can be an overwhelming challenge, partially because of the stigma that surrounds any mental limitation. Therefore, denial steps in, which in turn makes many older adults refuse to see a doctor. Read more →

Dear TG: I’m so sorry that you’re going through this terrible emotional pain, but you did the right thing. Adults with the capacity to determine how they want to live have the right to do so even if their family disagrees. You were careful to obtain a diagnosis Read more →

These men and women work overtime to raise children while caring for their aging parents. During the holiday season, nearly every parent has one, if not several, school holiday performances to attend and church or other religious programs to participate in Read more →