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FriendsiS-Caregiving_Humor__If_We_Don_t_Laugh_We_ll_Cry-iStock-184997466Dear Candid Caregiver: My mother is in a lovely assisted living facility and I have to say that she’s having a ball. While she’s always had a tendency to play “the Grand Lady,” this arrangement seems to have given her even more of a feeling of entitlement. There’s another woman with a similar personality and they seem to have a turf war going on, even to the point of “recruiting” people for their tables. I’m thrilled that Mom has competition – it’s about time – and I find the whole scenario funny. I don’t see a problem with laughing at some of these situations, but I have a friend who is deadly serious about every aspect of aging and she thinks that I should be taking this seriously and even be saddened by this “decline.” She doesn’t seem to understand that this is Mom on steroids, so I may as well enjoy the show as long as she has a worthy opponent. If she were picking on a sweet lady who couldn’t stand up for herself I’d alert the staff, but even they find this rather amusing since no one is getting hurt. Is my friend right or can we laugh at some of these situations without being callous? – Laughing Daughter

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