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These Small Gestures Can Reassure Anxious or Lonely Older Adults


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Dear Carol: My dad had a severe stroke six months ago and now lives in a nearby nursing home. Dad’s always been anxious, but since the stroke and some related dementia he’s worse than ever and I know that my daily visits help. What worries me is that I have an event for work coming up that’s important but will keep me out of town for three days. I have to go for the sake of my job, but I worry about how Dad will handle my absence. The staff is great with him, but it’s not the same, of course. His memory is bad, so just telling him that I will be back soon won’t help. What can I do to help him through this? – PD

Continue reading on Inforum for tips on reassuring an older adult when you are away, as well as how a small gesture can help your older adult any time:

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