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Getting Into Their Heads: The Advantages of Not Arguing With Someone Who Has Dementia

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Caregiving for Someone Living With Alzheimer's

ArgueSonArgue-iStock-476249342-2Insisting you are right because, well, you know better. You don’t have dementia. People living with dementia (PLWD) have an increasingly limited ability to understand the world as we see it. Therefore, we need to learn to see the world from their view. When we do this, we don’t argue if they say that they haven’t eaten all day even though lunch was an hour ago. We just say, “Really? Then we’d better get you a snack.”

View slideshow on HealthCentral to learn more about how avoiding certain mistakes while caring for someone who lives with dementia can make everyone's life easier:

Carol is the Candid Caregiver

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