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A Neurologist Shares Her Thoughts on the Individuality of Each Person Living with Dementia

DeviSpectrumOfHopePermissionDr.GayatriDevi"For years, the push to do something about Alzheimer’s disease-focused almost entirely on drug development. Find a cure. Develop a vaccine to prevent the disease. Develop a drug to “manage” people who live with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. What many people weren’t noticing, however, was that in tandem with this effort was a quiet revolution doggedly moving forward...Developing dementia doesn’t take away your individuality or humanity any more than developing cancer or diabetes. Therefore, rather than concentrate only on drugs, we need to help caregivers – and yes professionals – better understand how to help people living with dementia cope with the negative aspects of their illness so that they can live the best life that they can."


Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Devi's remarkable book and her early view about how different people living with dementia experience that disease:

Carol is the Candid Caregiver

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