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The neighborhood had changed during the half-century Joe had lived there. The people he'd known had moved on or died. He wouldn't allow in-home health workers into his home, nor would he accept food from Meals On Wheels. When it came to care, it was me or no one. Read more →

Judy’s situation is an example of what many of us face. She’s likely right that her mom would be safer if she had someone checking on her regularly. Also, depending on her mom’s personality, Judy’s mom might also be happier with the easy availability of companionship that assisted living offers. Why the resistance? Read more →

If we were proactive, we’ve already discussed the choices for living arrangements our loved ones would have made for themselves under differing circumstances, however many people haven’t done this. Read more →

Dear DE: I’m glad that your parents are doing well. Contrary to popular opinion, many people in their 80s are capable of handling their own lives with little assistance. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t experiencing ... Read more →

Rosanne is a compassionate, knowledgeable interviewer with a natural talent to be sure, but also because she's a compassionate caregiver. Thank you, Rosanne, for this opportunity! Read more →

They were both in the same nursing home. The situation was such that Dad's surgically caused dementia prevented him from understanding what was happening as I'd help him present Mom with her card Read more →

Since I’m a dementia caregiver with my own history, I quite naturally wanted to understand the thoughts of other dementia caregivers on this issue, so I asked several of them for input. Read more →

I may not always understand the meaning of your words, but I know what you are saying. I can read your jerky body language, the impatient tone of your voice, and your irritated facial expressions. Read more →

It’s been found that elders with dementia often show amazing insight and talent when given the tools to draw, paint or sculpt. Sometimes inhibitions and filters that previously held people back diminish with the disease. Read more →

The NIH abstract on aromatherapy reports that the trial consisted of having subjects inhale the fragrance of rosemary and lemon essential oils in the morning, and lavender and orange essential oils in the evening. Read more →