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What Are Bedsores and How Can They Be Prevented?

MotherDaughteriS-What_Are_Bedsores_and_How_Can_They_Be_Prevented-iStock-932074776Bedsores, pressure sores, or pressure ulcers are all words used to describe a condition that people often think of as a small problem for a caregiver to handle if they think of it at all. However, this condition is anything but small. Complications from pressure sores can cause death. The Candid Caregiver asked Sharon Roth Maguire, M.S., R.N., a board-certified gerontological nurse practitioner, and the chief clinical quality officer at BrightStar Care, to help us understand more about this potentially serious condition. Roth Maguire has an extensive healthcare background including more than 35 years of experience working with seniors.

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