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Covid-19 Has Created New Caregiving Nightmares: We Can Only Do Our Best

BookMOEforWebUseDear Readers: We had some nightmarish situations before the Covid-19 pandemic, but this has created scenarios in our caregiving life we’d never before considered. Physical distance from those we want to help. Isolation when they – and we – need each other more than ever. Fear of death as we’ve never known it. However, if we are to survive, we must continue to have hope.

We now long for normalcy, and even our worst problems from before strangely seem to provide that type of normalcy. Eventually, we will still need to address many of them.  For that reason, along with Covid-19 posts, I’m continuing to post articles and columns about what we’ve always faced because, well, we will eventually be concentrating on those issues again.

Caregiving, once one of the most challenging things we can face in life, has just gotten that much harder. Nevertheless, we can still only do our best. We acknowledge that and try to have faith that life will once again, seem familiar. Blessings to you all.  - Carol


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