Coronavirus Pandemic Has Caregivers Frantic for Answers
Altered Walk Can Signal Health Changes For Older Adults

This Coronavirus Has Thrown Caregiving into New Territory

MotherDaughter_iStock-669938250As caregivers know all too well, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced society into either staying well away from one another or, in many cases into isolation. This necessary step is hard for many people, but for caregivers, it’s downright terrifying. The four major categories that most caregivers occupy are people who have loved ones living in assisted living, nursing homes, or other facilities; caregivers who have older parents or others living in their own homes; those who have an elder living with them (or who live in the elder’s home); and caregivers for younger adults, often our children who have special challenges with health and/or cognition. This is the grim reality that caregivers are forced to accept. Can I solve your problems with supplies and respite care? Sadly, no. But I do have a few suggestions to offer that might make life a little easier.

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