Independent Mother Refuses Daughter's Care
End-of-Life Care: ER Doctor Answers Our Questions

Should Nursing Home Placement Curing COVID-19 Activity Be Avoided At All Costs?


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Dear Carol: I’ve been caring for my mom in her own home for years. In the past, she’s been fairly independent so that my daily visits have been enough to sustain her. Unfortunately, over the last six months, she’s fallen several times a week due to a combination of health problems. She qualified for nursing home placement earlier in the year, but I’ve put off the move out of fear of the COVID-19 infections in so many facilities. This home has shown no sign of it yet, though, and frankly, I feel that Mom’s in danger alone in her home. I live in a small two-story townhouse with upstairs bedrooms, so I can’t bring her to live with me. I have a young child so I can’t live with Mom. I feel that Mom’s safety is at risk where she is, but I don’t want to expose her to the virus. What does the future hold? – KB

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