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Clinging and Questions from Dad with Dementia Interrupt Working From Home

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Dear Carol: My dad has dementia and has lived with me for three years. Around the first of this year, I was beginning to feel that he was unsafe being at home alone so I had looked into a memory care unit in one of our community assisted living facilities. Then the virus threat arrived and my employment switched to the “working from home” mode. This has helped in some ways since I’m home with dad. What is driving me nuts, or I should say more nuts than it used to, is that he’s so clingy. He needs to see me in my home office to remember that I’m there, and when he sees me, he asks me the same question that he asked five minutes before. The work I do is customer support so you can imagine how his behavior is impacting my job. I’m single so there is no partner to distract him when I’m busy. How do I do this? – PK

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