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Dear Carol: My mother has been in an assisted living facility (ALF) for years. She readily made friends and her apartment is lovely. She always been active and happy there. Mother's physically healthy and the staff says that she does very well overall. Of course, she’s been less happy during the changes due to COVID-19 but the staff works hard to keep her occupied by providing extra one-on-one time as well as other entertainment. Even so, when she talks to me on the phone or we do video chats all she does is complain and tell me that if I loved her, I’d have her live with me. This isn’t new behavior, by the way, it's been her routine for years. The whole idea of living together is a joke because we’d both hate it after five minutes. Mother’s always controlled everyone through complaining but dealing with her behavior is beginning to affect my own mental health more as time goes on. – GY

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