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MindingoureldersCoverTypepadDear Carol: How could you know that your offer to pick up some groceries for Joe after his wife’s funeral would lead to five years of daily visits? How could you know that you would become his primary caregiver: taking him to the Telephone Pioneers of America dinners, riding with him in the ambulance after you found him with a dislocated shoulder, taking him, along with your kids, on multiple 150-mile jaunts to visit his 90-year-old sister; helping him through cataract surgery and recovery, the aftermath of his broken hip, his last breath. No, you couldn’t know this was your future. You’d simply offered to pick up his groceries that day. Yet, this fateful decision made you what you’ve become: a caregiver for multiple aging loved ones.

Continue reading on HealthCentral for more insight into how just a little attention of an older neighbor became a decades-long journey:

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