What People With Dementia Wish Their Caregivers Knew
UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Survey Reveals Toll of Elder and Caregiver Isolation


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Hi Susan,
Thank you so much for taking the time to ask. I'll make some changes to the intro article to help people out.
Comments can be so helpful!
However, this is the link you can use:


This will take you to the Amazon Egsoan page, which is a good one to bookmark.
If you lose track of this link, just go back to the mindingoureldersblogs.com page or go on Amazon and search Egosan.
There are two codes that work for 20% off your first order, but in honor of the upcoming National Caregivers Awareness Month (November), we are using 20CAREGIVERS.
(20ELDERS still works as well)
Thank you again for your trouble.

How can I start shopping?

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