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A Caregiver’s Struggle: Balancing an Elder's Sense of Purpose with Their Safety

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...This post really struck a chord with me. Most seniors need to feel useful to enjoy a high quality of life. They maintain a sense of purpose by sticking to their everyday routines and engaging in activities and hobbies they enjoy. But if caregivers believe an elder’s actions are risky or downright dangerous, when should they step in? As caregivers, we walk a thin line between keeping our loved ones safe and helping to preserve their independence. One of my first experiences with this concept occurred with my elderly neighbor and first care recipient. Joe was in his 80s and lived in his own home. He was completely deaf, so to communicate with each other, he would speak and I would write on a large legal pad.

Continue reading on Agingcare for more insight into how difficult it can be to balance our fear of risk for our elder and their rights.

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