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Dear Carol:  I’m worried about my mother-in-law, age 93, who has become so forgetful that she can no longer put together a simple supper without major ingredients missing or misused. She used to be a superb cook, so this is extra distressing. My father-in-law dutifully eats anything she makes without complaint, making excuses in private about why a particular dish was so strange. Also, even before the COVID-19 isolation, she was getting lost on the way to or from her long-time neighborhood grocery store. I’ve been pressuring my husband to talk with his dad and tell him that Mom needs to be evaluated for Alzheimer’s. So far, he brushes off my concern. What can I do to convince them to take her to a doctor? – HK

Continue reading on Inforum for insight into how to work toward a diagnosis is there are signs of dementia:

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