What People With Dementia Wish Their Caregivers Knew
Some Risky Behavior Might Be Necessary for Your Elder’s Mental Health

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Survey Reveals Toll of Elder and Caregiver Isolation

USagainstAlzheimersDear Readers: The most difficult aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic for many caregivers has been the isolation of older adults in homes and care facilities, as well as the closure of adult day facilities and other respite options. How it happened: A shocking wakeup call to the US announcing that this virus had arrived in the US was seeing it decimate the residents of a west coast nursing home. Soon after, COVID-19 was moving quickly through care facilities...

Continue reading on Inforum for more insight into the UsAgainstAlzheimer's survey on how our elders and their caregivers are affected but the visitor's ban:

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