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Dear Carol: I’ve been caring for my mother in my home for several years. Before COVID-19, I was able to get some relief from 24/7 care because she attended an adult day facility three days a week, which she loved. I hired an in-home caregiver for help with showers, but the rest was up to me. My two siblings haven’t had any interest in helping out, but I made it work. Now, COVID-19 has changed everything. The day services shut down so Mom can’t go out. The in-home care service has been helpful, but they are low on staff. I’ve asked my siblings to isolate and wear masks if they need to go out so that they can safely sit with Mom while I get a break. They work from home and live close, but they continue to say no. My mission is to give mom the best life she can have, and I won’t throw that away now, but I really need some relief. How do I get through to my family or find other help? – KS

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